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"Give me something I can write about" - Time On Earth
Stuff and Nonsense

Date: 2007-06-19 20:39
Subject: "Give me something I can write about"
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Why do I always return to this blog in the close season? Actually I've decided to abandon my other lj and post here from now on. Will stick to non-life stuff though, will keep my moans and groans for elsewhere, but will waffle about general pop culture stuff rather than just the redmen.

I'm trying to avoid looking too much on RAWK and the like, in the hope that if I leave it long enough I'll get a nice surprise when I go there. But I can't keep away and so nothing is happening, like a watched kettle. Things will surely start happening soon though.

Xabi's re-signing gave me a nice feeling for a few days. I was really convinced he was off as he's not seemed that happy for ages. On the lap of honour at the Charlton game he gave Gerrard a run for his money in the miserable stakes, and he's seemed a bit detached from his team mates. Bless his little sad face after the CL final though, he looked devastated. Far more than his stoic manly look of disappointment at the World Cup. Did any of our boys actually cry in Athens? I'm afraid I couldn't bear to watch too much after the final whistle (and seven vodkas during the second half didn't help the eyesight). I'm hoping they didn't as I like the idea of them all being butch and manly and not like that big baby John Terry, but a few of them probably did shed a few. I've never cried over losing a football match in my life (not even in '89) and I'm not sure I ever will. I think I've managed to maintain a certain detachment from being too disappointed over things like that over the years. Winning is a different story though...
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User: looprevil
Date: 2007-06-22 07:40 (UTC)
Subject: (no subject)
It's hard to say at the moment isn't it? I expect Bellamy will be off but Rafa is probably trying to get a decent price for him, or using him as a bargaining tool for someone else. Hopefully it won't all backfire like it did with Cisse. I hope the rumours of Garcia being part of a Torres deal aren't true - as frustrating as he is, we really missed him last year and I'd hate to see him leave. Plus he has the best song!
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