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Catch up - Time On Earth
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Date: 2006-06-11 12:36
Subject: Catch up
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Hardly had a minute to myself lately but thought I should make the effort now the WC is in full swing. First off though, how unlucky is poor Djib?! To miss the World Cup is one thing but then to be stuck at a club where you're not really wanted, as much as you might love the place, will be awful for him. Mind you, I'm sure he'll find plenty to amuse him in his five months out. Once the initial pain of the leg and upset at the situation subsides, I'm sure he'll be fine.  Feel guilty at being frustrated at the the affect it has on our transfer plans this summer though. But these things happen and you just have to get on with it. 

And Didi! Don't go!!!! I know he's only got a year left with us at best but I'm so sad about him moving on (especially to Bolton - if he wants to stay local why not Wigan or another NW team? But then I suppose they don't want him). It's always so sad when a much loved player gets to the end of his tenure. I hope the person on RAWK (I think) was being sarcastic though when he/she said Didi leaving was as big as shock as Dalglish resigning. Hmmm, hardly the same. Nevertheless I will miss Didi a lot. I thought earlier last season that I would have him in the team ahead of Momo and although that's changed now he'sstill fantastic back up and he's changed so many games when he's come on.  Aside from the club though it's nice to see that he still wants to stay in the area.  I love it when ex-players stay local. I think John Barnes still lives on the Wirral and of course Kenny, Jocky and Lawro still live in Birkdale. Even Michael Thomas stayed up here after his short stint with the club. It's not a bad old place, all things considered.

On to the World Cup then. Managed to miss the first match and was cursing as it looked pretty good. Have watched all of them since though, making the most of it seeing as I'll miss all the afternoon matches this week. Am cursing that I'll miss Spain/Ukraine particularly. Will have to record that one. Can listen to the radio in work but it's not quite the same is it! Ah well, can absorb all the Spanish loveliness when I get home (and no doubt find a Ukrainian or two to lust after seeing as they're often my type). 

Speaking of Spain, have to laugh at Xabi's WC blog.  I love him but he does sound as dull as dishwater sometimes the way he writes. Actually, I can relate to that as I always think I come across as having zero personality too from the way I write. And of course we know Xabi has  a fantastic personality (and the rest!).

I think England will take a few games to get into their stride as they always seem to.  I'm not normally one to chastise refs as it just feels like sour grapes if the decisions go against you, but I don't think yesterday's gave a single 50-50 decision to England which counted for a lot. Hopefully we won't get him again though.  As much as the boys weren't thrilling like we'd hoped, they weren't terrible either and I'm sure they'll get a lot better. No more afternoon matches now either which will help.

Really enjoyed Sweden/T&T and Argentina/CIV. Felt guilty for wanting Sweden to win because I like Olof Mellberg but was pleased with the draw in the end and Hislop played a blinder as usual. Thought Ibrahimovic was excellent in his run-up play but he couldn't seem to hit the target. For the Argies, both Riquelme and Saviola were excellent. It pains me to say it but Crespo and Drogba showed their worth too.  Argentina were well worth the win though.  Not long until the Holland/S&M match. I don't think I know any players from either side apart from Robben so will have to put that right (I don't suppose Kromkamp will get on at any point but you never know). Ahh, Marco van Basten *sigh*. 

(ETA - just watching Holland now and have realised how many of their players I do know. I suppose I just think of van der Sar and van Nistelrooy as Man U players. Had forgotten about van Persie too. Nice goal by Robben just then).

The French Open final starts soon too. I really love Federer and hope he wins but don't mind Nadal either. Should be a great match.
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that emotionally constipated sir ramsay: we live for these nights
User: of_doom
Date: 2006-06-11 19:01 (UTC)
Subject: (no subject)
Keyword:we live for these nights
Ahaha, I thought I was the only one who was headdesking at Xabi's posts. Gotta love how dorkily serious he is, though. Wah.

Yay yay yay for liking Argentina. ♥
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User: looprevil
Date: 2006-06-12 07:03 (UTC)
Subject: (no subject)
hehe dorkily serious is dead right! Some of his earlier posts had a bit more life in them though. He seems more animated when talking about football but when it comes to life stuff it all gets a bit meh. Though I suppose he doesn't want to reveal too much about his not-footie life. Loved the bit when he said he's tried drinking pints though!
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