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Date: 2007-08-17 08:32
Subject: No one will ever compare
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The iconic image of our very own King, having his own 30th anniverary this week. I will never tire of seeing that smile. One of the reasons I'm glad I'm the age I am is being able to remember so much about the great man. It's saying something that the memories are so vivid because we got only snippets of football on telly in them days and I never went near Anfield. There were all those Finals of course, when his smile would light up the stadia on its own. And the World Cups - although he would invariably end up looking rather miserable after those. He's the reason why I don't have much interest in England really. My first exposure to international football was the '78 World Cup and England weren't there. It would have made no difference if they had have been actually, there was only one team with Kenny in.  I wouldn't really say I support Scotland particularly nowadays but since '78 I've supported all the home nations equally (well maybe some more than others, depending on how many Liverpool players they have).  I'm much more British than English.  I have plenty of Irish blood in me, and a bit of Welsh, but no Scots as far as I'm aware.  I've always had a tinge of regret about that. 

I fell in love with Dalglish at the age of 9 and the feelings are still very much there 30 years later. He's never been able to do wrong in my eyes. Over the past fifteen or so years Neil Finn has overtaken him slightly in the all-time hero stakes but only just. A great man in every single respect, no one will ever compare in a Red shirt.

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