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Well, a nice couple of days for the Liverpool boys. Was in work… - Time On Earth
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Date: 2006-06-16 08:53
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Well, a nice couple of days for the Liverpool boys. Was in work on Wednesday so only got to listen to the Spain-Ukraine match on the radio unfortunately. Was thrilled when the first goal went in and the commentator said it was Garcia’s. Was even more thrilled when it turned out to be Xabi’s! When I watched it later I felt a bit sorry for him - his first international goal and he reels away so excited to find that everyone thinks it was Luis’s. And I’d imagine Luis is a stubborn little fucker and would take some persuading otherwise (although I’m sure he knew it wasn’t a clean goal anyway and thought it went in off a defender). Just read Xabi’s blog though and he says he didn’t know it was his goal and didn’t care at the time. Hope that’s the case and he’s not covering up any disappointment. I feel very protective of him for some reason. Maybe it’s his little boy haircut!
Great to see Spain getting lots of plaudits. It doesn’t necessarily mean they’ll get far but it’s nice to see and lovely for our boys. I think there was talk of us putting in a bid for Villa at one point, but if he carries on the way he has been there’s no way we’ll be able to afford him.  Torres is already a no-no.
The BBC showed a short interview with Xabi after their highlights and it was interesting that he seemed to struggle a little with his English like when he first arrived at Anfield. He must have forgotten it a bit after speaking his own language full time for the past few weeks.
England were painful for the majority yesterday but thank feck Crouchy got on the end of Becks’ cross. He missed so many sitters that I was really fearful about the backlash he’d get afterwards. No one could have missed that one though and hooray that it was Peter who was there (although he was a little lucky it wasn’t disallowed seeing as he was all over the T&T defender). And then of course The Stevie G Special! It was doubly pleasing that he managed in one shot what Lampard couldn’t in about 200. Being English I should really want the team to win no matter what, but I really couldn’t bear for Lampard to be the star. Yes he gets lots of shots in but that’s because he gets the opportunity, while poor Stevie languishes further back. I never used to dislike Frank but I do now. Maybe it’s because there are people who still insist he’s better than Gerrard which of course is absolute nonsense. I really don’t mind Terry though for some reason, despite everything. There’s no one who works harder (and of course he kept that certain goal out yesterday).
Poor Mikey :( I think a spell on the bench might do him good though - he often used to produce his best when coming on as a sub because he’d get so worked up at being left out. We’ve seen it time and again.
Will miss both early matches today which is a pain but will enjoy the highlights when I get home. Still think the Argies have been the best so far, as much as I love the Spanish boys (although I didn’t see all of that match so can’t really make a fair judgement I guess).  
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